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Instructional Resources

MSU Denver Faculty Resources for designing, developing and delivering accessible instruction. 

“Accessible” means that individuals with disabilities are able to independently acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services within the same timeframe as individuals without disabilities, with substantially equivalent ease of use.

Primary Faculty Resources concerning accessible instruction.

Making audio-visual materials accessible (such as adding subtitles to videos) and producing new audio-visual materials that are accessible, advising and assisting faculty in developing accessible Blackboard content.

Access Center
Training and assisting faculty in creating accessible documents, advising and training on adaptive technology, consulting on reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

Accessible pedagogy training through workshops, faculty learning communities, mentoring, instructional feedback, and one-on-one consulting.

ITS HelpDesk
Procuring and installing adaptive hardware and software.

Common accessibility issues and suggested resources?

  • To develop awareness of accessibility issues, processes and resources for faculty groups, please contact the Access Center to schedule a presentation.
  • For consultation concerning mandatory accommodations for students, please contact the Access Center.
  • For pedagogical training and instructional strategies concerning accessibility topics, such as Universal Design for Learning, please contact the Center for Faculty Development (CFD).
  • To design and develop a new, or revise an existing online or blended course, to be fully accessible, please contact the Educational Technology Center.
  • To develop accessible alternatives or to modify existing tables, images, PDF documents, PowerPoint and other static content to be fully accessible, please contact the Access Center.
  • To caption and/or transcribe videos or develop accessible alternatives for Publisher content, please contact the Educational Technology Center or the Access Center.
  • To procure and install software, including Read&Write Gold or Adobe Acrobat Pro, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

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