Adult Students

Invest in a lifetime of opportunity

Have you ever missed out on a job or been passed over for a promotion because you didn’t have your bachelor’s degree?

Education opens doors to opportunity, and Metropolitan State University of Denver has a program for virtually every adult student’s goal. Whether you want to grow in your career, finish college to set an example for your kids, switch professions, or just take classes to learn new skills, we offer more than 200 major, minor, concentration and certificate options so you can earn an education as unique as your ambitions.

Adult students feel at home at MSU Denver, where they are welcomed by our supportive faculty and given individualized attention in our small classes, which average just 20 students.

Research shows that not going to college can cost about half a million dollars in lifetime career earnings. That means the price of not pursuing a college degree is greater than the cost of earning one! With low tuition cost and access to multiple financial aid options, MSU Denver makes it easy for adult students to make the jump into college. By choosing us, you are getting the biggest return on your educational investment. 

Top Reasons to Choose MSU Denver

Over one third of MSU Denver’s 19,000 plus student population is over the age of 25. Here are the main reasons why adult students pick us over other universities: 

  • MSU Denver offers the lowest tuition of the state’s five largest universities. 
  • Affordable Colleges Online ranks MSU Denver 34th in the nation among “low-cost colleges with high starting salaries for graduates.”
  • College Measures and the Colorado Department of Higher Education report that MSU Denver graduates start their careers with higher salaries than degree holders from most other institutions in Colorado.
  • Life experience can be worth college credit: you may be able to “test out” of courses and earn credit for prior learning.
  • MSU Denver is conveniently located on the Auraria campus. We are just minutes away from I-25, 6th Avenue and downtown Denver.
  • We have an extended campus location in the Denver Tech Center.  
  • All general studies classes can be completed online. 

Contact Us Today

Connect with an MSU Denver admissions professional at 303-556-3058 or to learn how you can maximize your lifetime of earnings and opportunity—at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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M.S.U. Denver Adult Student Ashley Busta

“MSU Denver has given me the opportunity to explore another facet of my life I have always been interested in pursuing. The faculty in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department have been amazing. My professors’ level  of education and real-world training have made my college experience great. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support.”

-Ashlee Busta
Meteorology major