Pink Progression

May 31 - August 18 


May 31 • 6-8pm, Opening Reception

June 22 • 5:30pm, Artist Panel

June 30 • 6-9pm, Make-a-Recycled-Sketchbook workshop with Jennifer Ghormley

Aug 3 • 6-9pm, First Friday Summer Party

Aug 4 • 12-3pm, Re-thinking the Pinking workshop with Steven Frost and Frankie Toan

Aug 18 • 1-4pm, Poetry Reading and Closing Reception

First and Third Fridays • 6-8pm 



965 Student Curated Gallery


By reclaiming the body, physical space, and even materiality via interventions into embedded systems, artists utilize their representational agency, displacing antiquated hierarchies while also establishing a new, boundless realm in which all people belong.

Curators: Danielle Cunningham Tierney and Amber Micciche.

Artists: Jacqueline Sophia Cordova, Porscha’ Danielle, Ashley Frazier, Sydnie Ross, and Jodi Stuart.