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MSU Denver faculty in the media

By Tim Carroll

June 14, 2018

Professor Edgar Madonado Interview ScreenshotEach month, the Early Bird highlights a few faculty members who've served as subject-matter experts on timely news topics.

Here’s a sampling from May:

Carmen Reale, MSU Denver affiliate professor of Aviation and Aerospace Science, was interviewed by Scripps Media - The Now on May 16 about the anticipated employee shortage forecast by the Air Traffic Controllers union based on current FAA hiring rates.

Edgar Maldonado, MSU Denver assistant professor of computer information systems, was interviewed by Univision Colorado on May 16 about the risks and dangers that drivers face working for private transport companies such as Uber and Lyft.

Darrin Duber-Smith, MSU Denver senior lecturer of marketing, was interviewed by NerdWallet on May 10 about Amazon’s plan to raise the cost of its Prime membership by $20 a year. The story was picked up by more than 400 news outlets nationally.

Stephen Leonard, MSU Denver professor of history, was interviewed by Colorado Public Radio on May 4 about the history of Colorado lynchings and the recent dedication of a new memorial to lynching victims in Montgomery, Alabama. 

Helene Ver Eecke, MSU Denver associate professor of biology, was interviewed by Denver7 on May 2 about the research result of bacteria and other microbes found on soda fountains in a variety of retail locations.

For a full list of faculty featured as experts in the media, visit the Daily News Clips in MSU Denver’s newsroom.

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