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New to the School of Education?

Please schedule an appointment with one of our
School of Education Professional Advisors!

To declare a major with the School of Education for the first time,
please use the following link.


Amber Paugh

WC 162

Use buttons above to schedule


Call (303) 615-1555


Mark Kochesky

WC 162

Use buttons above to schedule


Call (303) 615-1555


 Existing School of Education Students

If you have applied to the School of Education or previously attended one of our application meetings, you have an assigned faculty advisor. 

Remember, you should schedule an appointment with your advisor at least once every spring and fall semester!


Click here to schedule an appointment

School of Education Advising Schedule


Content Area Major Advising

If you are a Secondary or K-12 content area licensure student, you should meet with the appropriate advisors in your content area department(s) regularly, in addition to your School of Education advisor.  Make sure that you are seeing the designated advisors in each department for the most accurate and thorough advising.

Secondary and K-12 Education post-baccalaureate students - the advisors on the list below are your content area experts who will review your previous degree for alignment with our content course requirements. Make sure to bring your program plan when you visit these advisors!


Please be sure to contact these departments or advisors
to determine advising schedules or walk-in hours.

Content Area Major Advisors



Are you bringing a friend or family member/parent with you to your advising appointment? If so, your advisor may ask you to fill out and submit FERPA Form.  Visit the MSU Denver FERPA Webpage for a link to the form.  


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