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The Autism and Significant Support Needs Certificate (ASSNC) Photo of a diverse group of students sitting and standing around a table reading.program provides comprehensive training for all educators (special education, general education, educational assistants etc.), service providers (speech language pathologists, social workers, occupational therapists, school psychologists, etc.) and families, to collaboratively meet the needs of diverse learners. Courses focus on transition planning, person-centered planning, communication, positive behavior supports, assistive technology, Universal Design for Learning, and collaboration in inclusive educational environments.Close-up photo of three young students sitting together.

All courses will be offered online or can be attended virtually.

TEACH students to be engaged by building on strengths and abilities.

LEAD schools and communities toward diversity and inclusion.

TRANSFORM the status quo to change the future for your students!


This certificate program has opened up many new possibilities on what opportunities we can give students with ASD and SSN. There are many things I will use from these classes in my career as a special education teacher.

- Jacob Wisler

I believe having a lens for educating all children well, is attainable by recognizing that what is best for those with the highest needs is best for everyone. I believe this certificate should be something not only special education students participate in but contains information all future teachers will benefit from.

- Laura Buser

The additional knowledge that I have gained through the ASSN Certificate program has me ready to enter the field of Special Ed, confident that I will be a dedicated educator and advocate for our students with Autism and Significant needs.

- Heather Frommelt

Certificate Program Requirements: Applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.  Applicants must submit the graduate application to the university and meet all requirements to be accepted. The ASSNC portion of the application requires a current résumé, a personal statement, acknowledgment of need for access to individuals with autism or significant support needs, criminal history agreement, and worker's compensation agreement.

The cost of the program is the same as graduate tuition for degree seeking students. Students with similar courses in their prior experience may request up to three credits of coursework be transferred to meet part of the certificate requirements. Students must review certificate program plan with advisor prior to enrollment, and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.00.  No grade lower than B- will be accepted for the program.

Autism and Significant Support Needs Certificate Course Requirements

Complete the following:

SEDM 5675: Transition Planning and Instruction
SEDM 5600: Academic Instruction for Students with Autism and Significant Support Needs
SEDM 6250: Effective Behavioral Support Systems
SEDM 5800: Communication Skills for Students with Autism and Significant Support Needs
TEDM 6400: Differentiated Instruction and Collaboration

Optional Field Experience course:

SEDM 6350: Mentoring for Students with Autism and Significant Support Needs

If you are interested in getting started with this program, please visit our Graduate Application page.

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