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The Power of Ideas

The College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (CLAS) at MSU Denver is an agent for urban impact transforming lives, communities and higher education through the power of ideas, inspiration and discovery. By offering a broad-based liberal arts curriculum rooted in tradition but supporting innovation and practical application across a wide range of disciplines, CLAS is equipping students with the critical thinking, individual creativity, social conscience and practical skills to transform their world as individuals and citizens through rewarding careers and lifelong learning. By blending accessible, diverse and high quality educational experiences in a vibrant urban setting that foster rich discussion, debate and exploration of relevant problems and solutions with practical application through our many centers, programs, partnerships, internships and research projects, CLAS students leave equipped to think broadly, communicate effectively, enrich our community and create a lasting impact in the world around them.

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Dr. Arlene Sgoutas, Dean

Exploration Days

Exploration Days (October 1 and 2) is an opportunity for students to learn more about their strengths and how they might relate to a major.

Students who are undeclared, as well as students who have a declared major, but are not sure if it is the right fit, are highly encouraged to attend. Students can enjoy free food and prizes for attending the event. Come explore the possibilities!

Check out the flyer here!


Super Success Series

Super Success Series is an opportunity for students to gain the skills necessary to be successful in college. It can be difficult to learn how to best manage your time, develop strong study skills, and master other college-related skills. The Super Success Series will help students figure out strategies that work for them.

Workshops are throughout the Fall semester, and students can enjoy snacks and prizes for attending the workshops!

Check out the flyer here!

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