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External Communications

External communications relates to the department's relations with the community outside of MSU Denver. The school views establishing a strong relationship with the community as a top priority.

Our external communications products include:

  • MSU Denver Insider, the official newsroom for the University
  • Metropolitan Denver Magazine
  • MSU Denver's viewbook and other admissions materials
  • alumni and development communications
  • marketing materials
  • signature event planning and promotion
  • and a host of other publications

We also work with print, broadcast and online media, the local community and state government.

Media Relations

Through our comprehensive news media relations program, we serve as the primary liaison between MSU Denver and local, state and national news media in the following ways:

  • Work with administrators to communicate with the news media on issues affecting MSU Denver as well as higher education as a whole
  • Conduct high-quality media training sessions to help faculty tell the MSU Denver story effectively with the news media
  • Demonstrate MSU Denver’s wide appeal by generating news media coverage of programs and projects that make a difference and of individuals who are forging new ground
  • Provide a conduit for faculty to share their expertise with the news media, which gives insight to important issues while furthering the University’s reputation for providing the most relevant classroom experience

In addition to working with the news media on a daily basis, we produce the MSU Denver Fact Sheet, the MSU Denver Faculty Experts Guide and many news releases throughout the year. The online MSU Denver News Room provides top stories, news releases and other information for the news media.

Legislative Relations

We increase awareness among state legislators and the general public of MSU Denver’s unique role and mission. To do this, we coordinate meetings between University administrators and key legislators, organize and conduct a monthly MSU Denver legislative caucus, and prepare communications materials for these meetings. 

External Web Communications

We work with MSU Denver to use the Web to maintain connections with constituents.

Marketing and Communications manages the overall look and feel of MSU Denver’s website, as well as the Student Hub. As part of this effort, we create, publish and maintain all promotional information linked to the University’s main site. We also manage the MSU Denver News Room and social media.

We work closely with the Division of Information Technology and the Educational Technology Center to implement Universitywide technology initiatives.

Marketing the University

Using a research-based approach, we develop advertising campaigns and marketing strategies for Universitywide initiatives. These support student recruitment and retention, alumni and community awareness, all while building the University’s brand. Vehicles we employ include television and radio commercials, street banners and billboards, as well as print and electronic ads and publications.

External Signature Event Promotion

Marketing and Communications plays a key role in promoting and managing University-wide and signature events, reaching out to local, state and national communities.

External events that we promote include the Rachel B. Noel and Richard T. Castro Distinguished Visiting Professorships. 

Our event promotion efforts include creating news releases and media alerts, websites, invitations, emails, posters, flyers, programs, advertisements and brochures; forecasting; and managing event logistics, budgets and  vendor relationships.

Social Media

Marketing and Communications uses a variety of social media to engage the MSU Denver community directly. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Vimeo, YouTube and Flickr, we reach thousands of people who are interested in keeping up with news at the University and connecting with others.

We use social media to showcase student and faculty work and highlight MSU Denver experts, as well as resources available to the public. We post news about the University that appears in mainstream media sources, as well as stories that are exclusive to our social media followers.

In addition, our social media platforms allow us to truly engage the community by providing two-way communication that enables back-and-forth discussion.

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