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Advising Information

Frequently asked questions

Who is my Advisor?
Upon declaring the Major or Minor, an advisor is assigned to each student, although a student may also switch advisors later. If you are a student with one of the MDL major or minor degree options and do not know who your advisor is, please check with the Department!

All full-time tenured and tenure-track Faculty Members advise students and will gladly advise all prospective students.


What is a CAPP Report, when should I get one, and how do I adjust it if I believe it needs to be changed?
A CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning) Compliance Report is the official way to determine where you stand in meeting all degree requirements of your degree program. First, it is important to declare your degree program--your major, concentration, minor, and degree catalog. All of these are necessary before requesting a CAPP Report.

Each semester, you should go to your major department or the Academic Advising Center to request a CAPP Report. Read it CAREFULLY!

If you disagree with any areas of the CAPP Report, discuss this with an advisor. It may be a simple matter of re-assigning a course to meet a particular requirement.


What catalog is a student eligible to use?
A student may use any catalog in effect during their attendance at MSU Denver provided the student has maintained continuous enrollment; usually it is the one in effect when declaring the Major.

General Requirements: University Catalog.

See also the Frequently Asked Questions page.

See also the Licensure page.

Please note that the Department makes every effort to know the current Office Hours of all Faculty advisors teaching during a semester, and will gladly inform students of them, but a Faculty advisor should always be contacted in advance to confirm Office Hours, or make an appointment.

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