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Four-panel image of psychology students in class and a professor assisting in research


“When the mind is thinking, it is talking to itself.” -Plato

The science of psychology covers the study of the human mind and behavior. Psychologists’ efforts expand the knowledge of our behavior, enable people to function optimally, and enhance society for the greater good.

Psychology students at MSU Denver are well-researched and have a thorough understanding of clinical, developmental and social approaches to psychology. Since you're interested in a fulfilling career intended to help people, that's exactly what we'll do. The Department of Psychology offers its students research opportunities, internship programs, and the knowledge and skillset to enter a profession of helping or furthering your education.

With over 1,200 students declaring psychology as their major and another 200 as a minor, we're one of the largest academic departments at MSU Denver. We've provided an affordable, comprehensive degree in psychology for decades, enhancing careers with a vast understanding of human behavior.

“I didn’t think very highly of myself early on. It wasn’t until I got the nudge from my professor to consider research that I found a spark which motivated me to pursue and excel in neuroscience.”

Anastasia Zavilla

MSU Denver '15

Career Prospects

Here’s where a B.A. in Psychology might take you:
Counselling, education, business, law criminal justice, nursing, research associate, human resources and social work.

Dr. Bethany Fleck Dillen She studies cognitive and social development in classrooms, focusing on issues in early childhood education and university classrooms. Of late she’s been looking in to the effects of service learning, flipped classrooms and integrating social media into teaching.

Dr. Bethany Fleck Dillen

Associate Professor of Psychology

Our psychology program options


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Our Affiliates

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The Department of Psychology at MSU Denver has designed its curriculum according to the American Psychological Association's guidelines.

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Psi Chi is an international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.