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Student Employment at MSU Denver

Welcome! This portal was designed to help you learn more about the Student Employment Program and the different student employment opportunities at MSU Denver.


Stopping TIAA Deductions

Students may elect to stop the TIAA Deductions once the Fall Semester Starts.

A request should be emailed to Payroll at to have the deductions stopped. Include a copy of your detailed fall schedule as proof of being enrolled for 6 or more credit hours.
Fall Paperwork is Due Monday July 16th
Fall Student Employment Paperwork for ALL Student Employees that will be starting on SM 16-2018 is due to Human Resources in SSB 310, by Monday July 16th before 3:00pm.

New Student Employees are not authorized to work until the following conditions have been met:

  • Attending a Student Employment New Hire Orientation (SE-NHO)

    • Sessions are scheduled on the MSU Denver Student Employment Calendar

      • For those who will begin working on:

        • 07/29/18 - Must attend an SE-NHO session no later than 07/20/18

        • 08/16/18 - Must attend an SE-NHO session no later than 08/03/18

  • Passing the University’s Background check

    • Form may be turned in prior to SE-NHO to the HR Front Desk – NO NOT Email or FAX.

  • Completing the I-9 Employment Verification process

 Required Items - Bring ALL to SE-NHO

  • New Hire Packet - Hourly or Work-study 

  • International Student Employment Packet 
  • Continuing Employment Packet Plus:

    • Class Registration - Student Detail Schedule Printout from Student Hub or SFAREGQ/SFAREGS Banner printoutHow

      • Hourly or Work-study - Enrolled for 6 credits or more 

      • International Students – Enrolled for 12 credits or more

    • Work Study Award –Award History or Aid-by-Year-Overview Printout from Student Hub or RPAAWRD Banner printout

      • A WK19 must be on file with Financial Aid


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Human Resources

Main Line: 303.615.0999


Student Employment: 


Payroll Services 

Main Line: 303.615.0039



Financial Aid and Scholarships

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